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FREE tools, forms, calculators and other tips to help you formulate a plan to make a business exit and sale.

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buyer interest

Business Selling Tips

quick guide to get ready

Quick tips - from our experience - on issues that affect business selling decisions.

Supporting Tips
How to prepare your business for the sale:
You can maximize your business value by having a viable marketing strategy in-play
Important guide prior to announcing that your business is for sale
To whom to sell your business
Careful planning is critical on timing your sale
What is your company worth?
Cash determines price — the higher the cash flow, the higher the asking pric
3 out of 4 businesses that are listed for sale will not sell

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buyer interest

Free Forms & Worksheets

for the taking

Some helpful forms to plan your business exit and business selling needs

Supporting Forms
  Selling Summary Sheet:

So what's needed to sell your business? Download our quick summary sheet that summarizes the steps we take to analyze, value, list, and market your business for sale
  Valuation Items List:

What's needed to make a market valuation on your business? Download this item list sheet. The items marked "RED" are the preliminary items to complete as assessment
  Exit Planning Model:

Your exit may be NOW or sometime in the future. Formulating an exit plan can help you plan the business fundamentals needed to achieve your financial objectives

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buyer interest


assessing market value

Run some quick valuation assessment calculations and other numbers

Calculation Types
  Asset Value:

Calculate the value of your business using current assets
  Cash Flow Assessment:

Calculate the value of your business using the history net cash position of your business (for 2-yr, 3yr, 4yr, and 5y historical positions)
  Financing Models:

Calculate loan payments, how much you can afford to borrow, and how much to borrow
  Debt Models:

Calculate debt ratios and debt consolidation numbers

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