Getting Ready To Sell
What's Need to Maximize Value

Someday, you will need to exit and sell your business ... whether it is today or sometime in the future. Question is what should you do now to maximize the value when you do exit...

1) Grow Your Market

The larger your market reach and brand, the more valuable the sale will become. Are you using all available platforms including video and social media?

2) Adapt to New Features

Is your operation running the latest technology and methodology for efficiency? Changes are happening; and the winners are those who adopt it.

3) Get Your Financial In Order

You need to have clean and organized financials for outside review and valuation. By using accepting accounting practices, you become a company that can be easily transferred.

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About Us

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We have a combined 25+ year experience in business brokerage and business advisory services. If you are looking to sell your company, we can build an exit plan that maximizes your financial objectives. We have the expertise, tools, and network to make this happen.

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We do not charge any upfront fees. So you can test our services without obligation. We guarantee that you will be pleased.

Krayton M Davis
Executive Director, CFOne Business Advisory

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Making An Exit

step-by-step review of exit planning

Order The Best Services in Market

Why hire someone to sell your business when you can do it yourself? Expertise ... Alternative View ... Referral Connections ... just because you need to get the best ROI for your business.

Business Brokerage Services!

CFOne Advisory has been delivering Business Brokerage Services to our clients since 2002. We pride ourselves on exceptional business selling services and personalized attention.

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Exit Planning Design

Every business owner will need to exit ... whether it is soon or sometime in the future. The goal is to exit at the most advantage time to achieve the greatest financial and transitional benefit.

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Business Valuations

A valuation from a Certified Valuator reflects the "Fair Market Value" of a business based on recast assets, cash flows, company history, the economy and industry sector and business values in today's market.

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Business Advisory Services

Cash is King in any small business. And marketing is the key to your success. Without it, your business will falter. So what is marketing? Get the answer from a market strategist in planning and sales.

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Business Topics & Tips

We address business topics and tip sugguestions that range from business management, markting & sales, employee management, operations, small business thinking and technology. Our latest issues below for business managers needing another view and opinion:

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Krayton M Davis
Executive Director, CFOne Business Advisory Services
Serving Richmond and Northern VA

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